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What are we about?  We are a growing group Ashland residents who have become fed up with the selectmen and some police in the way that the police department has imploded in scandal. We believe in honest, open, and truthful government. Ashland is a great town, one with good schools, friendly people, good summer activities for kids, Ashland Day. But Ashland has been subjected to continuous scandal by our police and the selectmen have enabled its continuation. Two chiefs have been run off, multiple lawsuits have been filed for spurious reasons, there has been rough treatment of citizens, and a recent shooting are what Ashland has sunk to; all this at the hands of a few individuals. These realities have been accompanied by political favoritism, harassment, tire slashings, defacing of property, obscene phone calls, threats against speaking out. 



Two things:

-         An end to bad activities by the police, the selectmen, or whomever.

-         A frank reappraisal of police policies, procedures and expectations.

Other than these two objectives, we have no preset agendas. We hope to see that Ashland becomes a place where community policing is returned and brutish enforcement disappears.



Our plan is to report everything that we learn on these pages. There are literally thousands of pages of reports and findings which have been commissioned by the Town costing thousands of dollars. These reports have been suppressed. There have also been years of incidents where misbehaviors by individual police have gone unreported through intimidation and fear. Here, townspeople can read, understand and enforce change through their votes, and bring about positive change.

You can help by reporting what you see or know. It isn’t going to be easy, it isn’t going to be done quickly, but it has to be done. Ashland is on the cusp of hiring a new Police Chief. This new Chief has to arrive in Ashland without any illusions or misunderstandings about what has gone on in our town for the last 10 years, about what are the issues that he/she will face. There needs to be clear direction for change in the department. What we have for a department today is not what we can permit for Ashland’s tomorrow.




We are a collection of everyday citizens, business people, and past town officials. Everyone is welcome. If you have concerns, we will respect your request to remain in the background. We have put into place secure lines of reporting. 

Contact us anonymously through the following:

Your name and phone number will not be made known unless you permit it.


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