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Summary of Attoreny  Doocey Report on Fawkes

"It is the opinion of investigator that while the drafting of a complaint by Sergeant Fawkes in his capacity as union president is a protected activity under M.G.L.c  150E, the filing of a complaint that contains falsehoods, that are known as such, by Sergeant Fawkes is not. The intentional inclusion of false accusations in a formal complaint of wrongdoing on the part of Sergeant Fawkes removes any immunity that might attach to his actions under the color of statute."

Full Report by Attorney Doocey on Officer Fawkes


Full No Trespass order Issued by the Town of Ashland Against Fawkes for Fetherston















This letter was written by Attorney McGinn to Fawkes informing of the laws and     regulations he had allegedly broken.  This is a long list and interesting reading.


This is a detailed letter from the Arbitrator of his findings in the Fawkes case.  It is a bit long, but well worth the time it requires to read and understand fully.