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Ashland CAC Press release April 24, 2013

Margot Ellsworth is forming a CITIZENS’ AWARENESS COMMITTEE, a growing group of very concerned Ashland Residents who are disgusted with the intimidation and bullying by certain police officers and elected selectmen.  The issues of concern include favoritism, harassment, destruction of private property, threats of physical harm, mysterious calls, vulgar e-mails, filing false reports.

                           ASHLAND POLICE/SELECTMEN


Ashland is being assaulted, harassed and bullied by some of those who are supposed to be protecting our property and lives.  Those individuals, certain of our police and selectmen, are protecting themselves, not Ashland citizens.


Why were 143 false and unfounded reports against our past police chief filed and then found false when investigated?  What punishment was handed out?  Why did the Police Commissioner (Town Manager) not sanction the individuals filing these false reports?


Why did certain selectmen ‘ NOT RECALL’ any conversations when questioned about certain discussions during their meetings?


Are there cases of intimidation, threats of bodily harm and worse, and destruction of property occurring in Ashland perpetrated or sanctioned by certain police and selectmen?  You bet there are.


If you want to help tell the truth from now on about certain police and  selectmen in Ashland, call with what you have seen or know.  Anonymous recording line    508-881-6668   or e-mail   or

Your Name Will Not Appear Anywhere Unless You Agree Beforehand.



Ashland CAC conditionally applauds Col. Schiavi’s decision to commission a review of past investigations of the police.

However, our group remains skeptical as to the intent of this “new” investigation. If the intent is to white wash decisions taken previously and not to encompass all of the events which have been uncovered and posted to<>, then we object strenuously.

Statements issued by Schiavi are that past misdeeds by individual officers will be forgiven and individuals involved will be brought back to take a new oath “promising to adhere to good conduct”.

What previous investigations have uncovered is conduct that is unacceptable in any corporation in America. In the alternate universe of Ashland politics, Civil Service and Police Union activities, truly unimaginable conduct is not only permitted, it is accepted.

Ashland had its fill of studies. Money spent has gone time after time to chasing legalities and not applying common sense to management.  Money spent on specious

lawsuits brought by cops could have gone to fix roofs at the school, hire a teacher, fix a road.

Enough. There are cops on the Ashland force who have done truly bad things. They must be held to account. Oath taking with promises to be good are not the answer. Separation from employment by the Town of Ashland for some of them is the answer.


Therefore, the AshlandCAC position is that any further study needs to take into account:


-   The Newman report (sex harassment),

-   The McGinn report (false allegations of parental unfitness of the Rohmers and the Pomponios),

-   The Doocey report (144 charges against Rohmer by Fawkes),

-   The two follow-on summations to Doocey (which conclude that Fawkes and Briggs lied/were disloyal),

-   All lawsuits brought by all parties to date (however spurious they may seem to be),

-   A broad, general look at not only the actions by ex-Chief Rohmer, which seems to be the focus of what is to be done,   BUT ALSO

-   A look at truly troubling and disgusting actions by a considerable number of individual police officers.

AshlandCAC believes that the Ashland Board of Selectmen are far too heavily invested in DETERMINING an outcome which is favorable to their prescribed view. If this “study” turns into an attempt to white wash the actions by certain police officers and the one staff officer to embarrass, demean, and insult the Town People of Ashland, and if it does not include a look at those same officers clear mission to destroy reputations, careers, and families by any means whatsoever, then AshlandCAC will continue its efforts to see to it that certain officers are disassociated from Town’s employment!

If money is going to be spent, it needs to be spent wisely or not spent at all. Too much money has gone out the door to this point. The Town is sick of it. It should not continue.

If the study is not comprehensive, then it is fatally flawed.


Ashland CAC Press Release - June 27, 2013

Ashland CAC Press Release July 16, 2013

PRESS CONFERENCE 5 PM in Front of Ashland Police Department July 1, 2013



Ashland Citizen's Awareness Committee for email responses


Ashland CAC will be holding a press conference on Wednesday July 17, 2013 in front of  the Ashland Police Department, 137 Main Street Ashland Ma.. 01721 at 5:00 p.m.

One of our goals is to uncover the truth of the recent tragic Police shooting on July 2, 2013 at 13 Metropolitan Ashland.

Ashland CAC will be asking questions about the timeline of events, what (if any) standard police protocols were used and about the information released  from the interim Chief of Police, Stephen Doherty, and the Ashland Board of Selectmen.

Some of the questions that will be asked are:

1. Did Andrew Stigliano have to die?

2. Why are there so many inconsistencies in the timeline of the events?

3. Were standard  Police protocols ignored?

4. Why has there been no acknowledgement of the incident from the Board of Selectmen's office?


Ashland CAC is a small but growing group of folks in Ashland who are concerned with recent disturbing actions of the Selectmen and a few police officers.   We believe in honest government and accountable Town officials and Police officers. The Ashland CAC is committed to uncovering and publishing publically for all to read so the citizens of Ashland reach their own conclusions about events and actions by the Ashland Police and Board of Selectmen.